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 There is no place like home

There is no place more delightful than home. We connect many pleasant things with our home, our dearest people, parents, friends, nature, gentle flowers, the trees in the yard, the native language and music, the first book read in the childhood, lively and noisy games. That’s why we miss our home badly when we are away. In such moments we feel loneliness and homesickness. You always look forward to homecoming and are delighted to meet your friends and relatives.

There are so many poems about the native home. They arose much excitement, much warmness and tenderness.

I would like to tell you about my home. We live in a new flat in one of the largest newly built residential areas. We moved into this flat 7 years ago. It is three- room flat on the fifth floor of an eight-storied building. It consists of a living room, a study, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. There are two balconies in the flat. Our flat has all modern conveniences: central heating,telephone,electricity, running water,gas.Besides there is a lift and a garage disposal in our building. The layout is perfect! The rooms are light, though not very large. To my opinion it’s quite a modern-looking flat. The windows face the park in front of the building and the view is really wonderful.

Our living room is 19 square meters .It is the largest room in our flat. As my parents don’t like much furniture in the house so I the living room there are two comfortable armchairs and a sofa, coffee-table and a nice thick carpet on the floor.

Opposite the window there is a wall unit, but it doesn’t make much space in the room . Here we are fond of entertaining our guests.

Now I’d like to describe our study.

At first it was my daddies room, but as I grew up ,it has become mine. To tell you the truth I am very happy to have a room for myself, that’s why I always try to keep it tidy and cozy. There is a sofa, a writing table, a bookcase, a wardrobe .On the wall there are some shelves full of books. The dressing table is next to the sofa.

Our bedroom is the smallest room in our flat .At night ,when my parents feel tired and sleepy they share this room.

But the most popular and favorite place with all of us is the kitchen, as we spend most of our time there. We are not big-caters, but for us the kitchen as a place where we can have a chat about our problems. In the kitchen there are some stools ,a table ,a cupboard, a sink with water taps, a fridge and a gas cooker.

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