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 School and School Life

As we become older we realize that there are some essential things and places we always long to come back. They are certainly our birthplace, our home and our school. We will always be indebted to our school and parents for the rest of our lives.

Generally speaking, children go to school at the age of 6-7. They study for 11 years. At school the pupils get fundamentals of knowledge in different subjects.

My school house is one of the most interesting from the point of view of the architecture. It’s not big but rather attractive. There are two sport grounds on the both sides of the school house. In front of the building there are fir trees and a lot of flower beds. Our class rooms are well equipped with all necessary things for learning different subjects. These are modern teaching materials, necessary devices and facilities.

The ground floor is as a rule for junior pupils in most schools. Its classes are light and spacious. You can see a lot of portraits, pictures , maps on the walls. And moreover the windows face the yard so you have time to dream a bit while teacher is explaining something not very interesting from your point of view. Besides there is a gymnasium where the children have physical training lessons and all sorts of competitions. Next to the gymnasium there is a school canteen where pupils can have a bite during the breaks. On the third floor there is an assembly hall where parties and meetings are held. The pupils decorate it for special occasions to make it look more attractive.

I will never forget my first day at school. Everything seemed unusual to me: school things ,new friends and teachers. I felt a little shy, but at the same time curious .My parents and teachers encouraged me, I got acquainted with my new friends. Soon I began to feel at home and in the command of the situation. I was eager to become a good pupil, to be active in out of class activities.

Our school life is full of different events. They include meetings, sittings, conferences, lectures, concerts, competitions, discussions, evening parties. All these arrangements are prepared by pupils but teachers also help them. Some pupils at school are members of hobby-clubs, dancing groups, drama circle. They arrange performances to mark different holidays. English evening parties include recitations of English and American poetry, songs and short plays. Some of the customers are made by members of circles.

There are many good traditions in our school life. Some of them are the holiday of the first and the last bell.

Every year thousands of children come for the first time to school where they will study for 11 years. Traditionally they are congratulated by their parents, teachers, guests and school-leavers. Early in the morning the school yard is full or noisy children who are cheerfully exchanging their impressions after summer holidays.

Источник: englishclub.narod.ru

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