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Тип: Материалы к уроку

 Rest and Leisure. Hobbies

People spend their rest in different ways. It depends on their personal interests. As far as the personal interests are concerned they are numerous. Some people are keen on literature or music, everyone is fond of dancing of some kind. Perhaps you are keen on ballet: classical or modern? Or perhaps you like country and folk dancing or just moving to the rhythm of popular records?

Some of the most popular hobbies are: Philately, collecting view cards, coins, books. Some people are interested in modern architecture. They collect pictures showing the most interesting architectural designs of different times. My friend is fond for example of collecting records of this sort of music or another. Whenever I come to him, he is listening to music or looking at his collection of stamps. He has stamps showing different kinds of painting fauna, flora, spaceships, cars, sports. He sits for hours admiring them.

Others are interested in photography. They like photos of historical buildings and relics of the ancient culture. They always take their cameras with them when they are on holidays. they keep a photographic record of the family events. A useful hobby is collecting tape recordings. You may have recordings of different kinds of music. Some people like traveling and sightseeing in the town where they spend their summer vocation. They visit museums, picture galleries, theatres.

Summer offers people the best rest opportunities. That’s why Children look forward to their summer holidays all the year round. If you have a good rest in summer you become healthy and strong and this helps you to be strong-willed enough in studying. Going on hikes , long walks, bicycle rides, camping, swimming ,mountain climbing, traveling makes everyone cheerful.

Going on bicycle rides and hikes also gives you a lot of fresh air, you enjoy beautiful scenery, remarkable places, you never feel bored, because you find an occupation for yourself. You get a lot of impressions and excitement, you are full of joy, you may observe many things of the surrounding world with delight. And I think it’s a poor life if you have no time to look around attentively with curiosity and interest, if we have no time to watch trees, woods, streams. Some people prefer organized rest in cams or resting house. Some people prefer staying in the hotels, because they are comfortable without crowds and much noise. I think camping is much better, but it demands good weather, because there is nothing worse than camping in the rain

So good rest is the source of spiritual enrichment, education, fostering the best qualities in your character.

Источник: englishclub.narod.ru

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